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About Folprint

Folprint Zöldnyomda Kft. is one of Hungary's innovative printing businesses. Our company was founded in 1985, started operation as a family business and has undergone continuous development during the years. In the beginning we prepared gold foil-printed greeting cards and invitation cards with manual laminating machines, and achieved great success. We have expanded our services with the production of printing products, stamps and laser engraving. The satisfaction of our clients is of prime importance, therefore we put great emphasis on the development of the quality of our services. Our company is EN ISO 9001:2009 certified.
Today promptness, expertise and customer centricity are basic requirements for press businesses. The market success of Folprint Green Press is being able to meet such requirements. In the past decade new demands were placed on press activities, both from the customers and our side: focusing on environment friendly solutions and, in the same time, on defending old principles. We are of the opinion that environment consciousness and ensuring sustainable development, both in everyday operations and in long term strategy, plays a central role in the life of a responsible company. Since 2009 we are entitled to produce FSC products, and since the same year we own MSZ ISO 14001:2005 environmental focused management system.
Since 2013 products of Folprint Green Press are manufactured by carbon neutral technologies. The point of carbon neutral technologies is that we compensate the greenhouse gas emissions, arising directly or indirectly during the production, by joining green projects. Such projects are investments creating renewable energy (e.g. wind farms, hydroelectric-, biomass and solar power plants, etc.) replacing the use of fossil energy (carbon, petroleum, natural gas).
In addition to printing products and the production of stamps, laser engraving is our intensively growing key business. The individual or series laser engraving (marking) and laser cutting of products are already accepted and popular industrial marking solutions in several industries. The qualified staff of Folprint Green Press is ready to serve you with quick, cost effective and specific solutions and their implementation.
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Our customers say...

  • Profi és gyors ügyintézés. A tollak gravírozásának tervezésében is segítséget nyújtottak. Másnak is Örömmel ajánlom a csapatot. Ha lézergravírozás akkor Folprint
    Kungl Zsolt,
  • Gyors, pontos, precíz partner. Nagyon jó velük dolgozni.
    Peli Viktoria, Kaefer
  • Megbízhatóan, gyorsan, kedvező áron dolgoznak. Ajánlom mindenkinek aki gravíroztatni akar!
    Varga János, Acélipari-Sinus Kft.
  • Az adattábláinkat mindig a Folprinttel csináltatjuk, eddig nagyon meg voltunk elégedve, mindig pontosak, gyorsak, és megbízhatóak voltak. Kimondottan ajánlom mindenkinek a Folprint Lézergravírozási szolgáltatását. Mindig megbízhatóak, jó árakkal, megfelelő minőségben, precízen dolgoznak.
    Busai Barna, Platt KFt.