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Automotive industry

Automotive industry manufacturers usually have their own laser engraving and/or cutting machines, but their suppliers not necessarily own such equipment.

These companies usually have the obligatory captions' and emblems' laser engraving, required by the automotive manufacturers, done by third parties. In some cases also the automotive manufacturers themselves take external sources in order to fulfill their smaller series or experimental product marking tasks.

With laser machines captures, 1D or 2D barcodes, data according to standards and emblems of perfect quality can be made on metal, plastic, rubber, textile or even wooden products. Furthermore, the so-called "laser labels" - multi-layer self-adhesive foil - especially used in automotive industry in smaller and bigger series, can also be prepared. With lasers not only marking can be done, but also cutting in specific sizes and shapes; even scorelines are easily fulfilled on curved or coiled label materials.

Laser cutting machines are also suitable for the cutting, perforation and punching of the several types of textiles and leather used in automatic industries, and in one pass the necessary identification or logo markings can be placed on the cuttings,too.

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