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Catering industry

Folprint Laser Engraving serves several various solutions for catering industry.

All products which need to have the emblem, name or logo of restaurants or hotels, can be engraved by laser, such as cutlery, plates, glasses and table decorations.

Furthermore, with the combination of laser cutting and engraving unique, small series decorations or tableware can be made of wood, acrylic or metal.

With the so called "laser paste" (which can be burnt on the surface), colourful captures and emblems can be made on ceramics or stone objects. Tableware, tiles, marble and granite cladding can be laser engraved, also all of the information and security boards can be prepared with laser. (See also Construction industry applications.)

Invitation cards and seating cards or even menus and menu cards can be made with laser technology, and not only of paper, but of wood, glass, leather, too, or even stones can be used! (See also Printing industry applications.)

Gift shops in hotels can expand the range of the products they sell by using the services of Folprint Laser Engraving. (You can find further information in Gift industry applications.)

With laser engraving and cutting we can create specific key rings of wooden, acrylic and metallic materials. Such captures are durable and are wear-proof for years.

Turn to our Laser Engraving team with your ideas and claims.

Our customers say...

  • Profi és gyors ügyintézés. A tollak gravírozásának tervezésében is segítséget nyújtottak. Másnak is Örömmel ajánlom a csapatot. Ha lézergravírozás akkor Folprint
    Kungl Zsolt,
  • Gyors, pontos, precíz partner. Nagyon jó velük dolgozni.
    Peli Viktoria, Kaefer
  • Megbízhatóan, gyorsan, kedvező áron dolgoznak. Ajánlom mindenkinek aki gravíroztatni akar!
    Varga János, Acélipari-Sinus Kft.
  • Az adattábláinkat mindig a Folprinttel csináltatjuk, eddig nagyon meg voltunk elégedve, mindig pontosak, gyorsak, és megbízhatóak voltak. Kimondottan ajánlom mindenkinek a Folprint Lézergravírozási szolgáltatását. Mindig megbízhatóak, jó árakkal, megfelelő minőségben, precízen dolgoznak.
    Busai Barna, Platt KFt.