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Construction industry

In construction industry the primary field for lasers is interior design and the preparation of building and engineering information plates.

Interior coverings, stone or wooden cladding can be made unique by laser engraving. 2,5D relief engravings can be created on wood, stone or acrylic sheets, and even photo quality engravings can be placed on such materials, or on two-layer (laminated) materials.

These latter ones are used for the preparation of information and security captures in buildings. We can say that engravable materials are available in all colours, which can be fixed on the walls, doors or can be hung with various types or frames.

Demanding and attractive decorations, advertising elements or information tools can be made of the so-called lighting displays made of acrylic or glass, which can be marked with laser, and can be lit by a LED lamp series.

The information labels of building engineering equipment and switchboards and the wiring diagrams have to be visibly displayed. A proven technology in this case is laser engraved two-colour board, which can reproduce exact and detailed figures.

With lasers not only simple alphanumeric captures but 1D and 2D bar codes, figures, emblems and even photo quality engravings can be made. The engraved data can be modified even product by product and their source can be an external data base or an algorithm in the own software of the laser.

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