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Laser engraving high value promo gifts

“Demanding captures for a demanding promotion”

A company dealing with promotion gifts was searching for a marking technology and service provider for the engraving of precious and demanding gifts.

Folprint Laser Engraving’s solution

The personalization or marking of precious promo gifts requires a remarkable technology. Worn off, faded or fallen company emblems are not acceptable. Therefore, neither printing nor stickers were appropriate for the project. Soon the company found the technology of laser engraving and in the lack of an own laser machine they searched for a service provider.

Folprint Laser Engraving’s solution

Folprint Laser Engraving experts analysed the iPad provided as a sample by the client, and suggested fiber laser marking. The aluminium cover of iPads is suitable for discreet and sophisticated laser marking tasks. Although the logo cannot be coloured, it is durable and will only disappear in the case of the destruction of the product.

In the case of such high value goods, errors are not acceptable, thus precise positioning and appropriate laser performance settings are required.

In the same project, the following brands were marked on gift iPads: Geberit, Pioneer, Nissan and Energizer.

Such great quality, laser engraved captures enhance the prestige of the products, show reliability and durability.

  • Industry: Gift
  • Application: Brand marking iPads
  • Material: Aluminium (anodized)
  • Marking time: ~ 10 sec / figure
  • Laser machine: Trotec 8012 SpeedMarker FL20 fiber laser

Our customers say...

  • Profi és gyors ügyintézés. A tollak gravírozásának tervezésében is segítséget nyújtottak. Másnak is Örömmel ajánlom a csapatot. Ha lézergravírozás akkor Folprint
    Kungl Zsolt,
  • Gyors, pontos, precíz partner. Nagyon jó velük dolgozni.
    Peli Viktoria, Kaefer
  • Megbízhatóan, gyorsan, kedvező áron dolgoznak. Ajánlom mindenkinek aki gravíroztatni akar!
    Varga János, Acélipari-Sinus Kft.
  • Az adattábláinkat mindig a Folprinttel csináltatjuk, eddig nagyon meg voltunk elégedve, mindig pontosak, gyorsak, és megbízhatóak voltak. Kimondottan ajánlom mindenkinek a Folprint Lézergravírozási szolgáltatását. Mindig megbízhatóak, jó árakkal, megfelelő minőségben, precízen dolgoznak.
    Busai Barna, Platt KFt.