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Laser engraving in packaging technologies

In the field of packaging laser machines serve several functions.

Nowadays laser machines installed in packaging plants takes the place of inkjet devices: there is no use for ink, thus lasers work cleaner and cost effectively; laser markings cannot be removed by solvents, which serves the safety of consumers. When a new product is introduced to the market or is manufactured only in small series, the regulations regarding the marking of expiry also have to be applied. Folprint is ready to serve small enterprises with wage work so that they can use this modern way of marking.

When designing new packages and wrappings modeling is a very important step: some boxes have to be prepared according to computer designs. Laser cutting machines suit such tasks the best, boxes can be prepared without punching tools. This way the designs can be checked easily, possible defects can be realized before series manufacturing. If the number of boxes to be produced is not too large, all of them can be made with a laser..

Labels made by laser engraving are especially economic and durable. They can be prepared of special "laser-sensitive" paper or two layer, thin plastic foils. These latter can have standard colours or can be metallic foiled. Lasers can not only place captures on self-adhesive materials but can cut specific shapes or sizes.

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In the past years, the so-called breathable packaging has become very popular and widespread: through such packaging oxygenated air can reach the product, but for instance bacteria or fungal spores can't. Lasers can ideally create the necessary vents.

Perforations and cuttings, which make the opening of packaging easier become, are also spreading applications in packaging industry. Lasers can serve such claims, too.

Laser machines can be very useful in the preparation of the protective wrappings of valuable electronic devices, or in keeping the accessories in order: we can easily and quickly cut foam containers, which follow the shape of the products.

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