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Laser engraving in printing industry

The range of laser applications in the field of printing industry is extremely wide.

Although laser machines do not use ink for the preparation of captures, they still can engrave texts, serial or code numbers on paper or on cardboards, even online, on the conveyor of the printing products. High-speed laser engraving machines are able to place captures on moving products, with such speed which is untraceable for human eyes, by engraving the ink off the paper, thus the white colour becomes visible. Numbers, promotion codes, etc. made this special way are unique and difficult to forge.

Another important field of printing industry is cutting, or scoring - it requires a specific and expensive tool, which wears out after a while. Lasers use light for cutting, thus the tool will not be chipped and the outcome of the first and the last item remains the same. A great advantage of lasers is that they cut based on computer designs, thus tool imprecision ceases and even a few piece work can be economical, because no cutting tool has to be manufactured.

Sometimes the quality or authenticity is increased by embossing. With laser engraving the preparation of high-hardness plastic embossing pads is quick, cost effective and chemical-free. Today, due to equal opportunity reasons the use of Braille codes is more than required. The embossing tools, used in the preparation of such captures can be prepared with laser engraving machines.

The world of stamps is an exciting way of high technology meeting tradition, since laser machines have been introduced. Authentication function of stamps is being relegated to the background, but its importance is still considerable and needs to be supported by more secure solutions. Nowadays both the rubber pads of high quality stamps, and even the embossing pads of dry seals are made with laser engraving machines. With this technology such safety features can be added which can restore the authentication function of stamps. MCI - Multi Color Impression stamps, which have been introduced recently, are also made with laser engraving machines. Such stamps create 3-4 color imprints withing one, thus security is increased, reaching corporate identity aims are much more supported, and makes identification easier.

There are the so-called "small printing" products: business cards, seating cards, gift cards and invitation cards. With laser machines such products can become flashy and exciting, can get special shapes by laser cutting, engravings, millings and several other elements can be added. Their material does not have to be paper: plastic, wood, glass or even metals or stones can be used.

All of the above applications are available at Folprint Green Press laser engraving division, which was one of the first companies in the 90s where laser engraving machines were started to use.

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Folprint Laser Engraving experts are happy to assist you in realizing your ideas!

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