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Laser engraving in security technology

Security is important for everyone. Laser engraving solutions are used in several fields of security technology.

But sometimes their presence is not obvious due to security reasons. However, there are everyday applications in security technology, which are available for any individuals and companies.

Clubs, entertainment venues and business centres use identification or membership cards for the entry into the buildings. Such cards can be simple printed and laminated sheets, but the more demanding and protected organizations prefer higher level cards. The most tamper-proof entry cards and membership cards, containing special security features can be made by laser engraving. With laser machines specific identifiers, personal data, photos, 1D or 2D bar codes can be engraved based on a data base, and laser cutting gives the possibility of creating cards with special shapes and patterns.

In order to eliminate counterfeiting and due to tracking reasons, keys, locks and padlocks are often given individual identification elements. Onto such items codes, figures and bar codes can be engraved.

In certain protected institutions, and also in business offices, the so-called Plasticine locks are still used, to which a plasticine stamp is necessary. With laser engraving a pad of high hardness plastic or metal can be made with great details and inimitable patterns.

A similar application is the preparation of the pad of a dry seal stamp or embossing machine, used for authentication of documents, for which the most efficient and fastest technology is laser engraving. Such great detailing possibility of the laser cannot be reached with any other techniques, this is why it is so secure.

Not only alphanumeric captures, but 1D and 2D bar codes, figures, emblems and photo quality engravings also can be made. The engraved data may be changed even product by product and their source can be an external data base or an algorithm in the own software of the laser machine. /p>

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