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Laser engraving of automation parts

“Quality marking for quality products”

A great international supplier of automation solutions regularly uses the services of Folprint Laser Engraving. We provide such laser marking services which exceed the capacity of the client, or, it is not worth modifying the settings of their machines for the marking of a smaller number of products.

The client’s problem:

The client used printed stickers for marking the obligatory product data and the brand name. The labels looked good after application and could be printed in colours, too, but the company’s partners and the end users complained that the stickers – in operation conditions – detached from the parts, thus the product identification and tracking requirements could not be fulfilled. Therefore, although the stickers could be applied in-house, a new solution had to be found, with which the necessary captures and figures could be placed permanently and legibly.

The company owned several laser engraving technologies, which could solve the above problem, but those were not available in all products’ production lines, so they turned to an external service provider.

Folprint laser engraving’s solution:

The experts of Folprint Laser Engraving inspected the samples and after sample markings they decided which laser technology to be suggested to the client in order to have permanent and legible markings.

They chose a high-performance laser work station, which could engrave the aluminium material with the adequate contrast in the required cycle period, so that the short service deadline could be met.

The complete capture in the picture below was made in app. 10 seconds (plus putting the product in the laser machine and removing it. It was not worth using automatic solutions for this, because of the small number of items.)

For this complex task the emblems were provided in a vector form, and an excel sheet contained the data to be engraved.

The editing and programming tasks in the software of the laser machine were done by our laser engraving experts, based on the fonts, font size and layout of the received sample stickers. The prepared engraved captures are durable and legible and meet the international requirements of identification and tracking, during the whole life of the product. Such a laser engraved, quality marking enhances the prestige and reliability of the product.

  • Industry Automation
  • ApplicationLaser engraving of parts
  • MaterialAluminium
  • Marking time10 sec
  • Laser machineTrotec 8012 SpeedMarker FL20 fiber laser

Our customers say...

  • Profi és gyors ügyintézés. A tollak gravírozásának tervezésében is segítséget nyújtottak. Másnak is Örömmel ajánlom a csapatot. Ha lézergravírozás akkor Folprint
    Kungl Zsolt,
  • Gyors, pontos, precíz partner. Nagyon jó velük dolgozni.
    Peli Viktoria, Kaefer
  • Megbízhatóan, gyorsan, kedvező áron dolgoznak. Ajánlom mindenkinek aki gravíroztatni akar!
    Varga János, Acélipari-Sinus Kft.
  • Az adattábláinkat mindig a Folprinttel csináltatjuk, eddig nagyon meg voltunk elégedve, mindig pontosak, gyorsak, és megbízhatóak voltak. Kimondottan ajánlom mindenkinek a Folprint Lézergravírozási szolgáltatását. Mindig megbízhatóak, jó árakkal, megfelelő minőségben, precízen dolgoznak.
    Busai Barna, Platt KFt.