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Laser engraving of the parts of a world novelty bike

Patents- and trademark protection by laser engraving

The engineers of Stringbike - off the chain bikes, the new Hungarian world novelty which was introduced to the market a few years ago, have been taking our laser engraving services since the beginning. After rejecting the idea of using self-adhesive stickers for the preparation of the trademarks of the modern bike, the team was searching for a method resulting in durable captions, which are difficult to replicate and worthy of the futuristic technology.

The client's question:

On the first prototype Stringbike engineers used stickers to place the trademarks on the bike, although they new that those could not be durable, as the stickers wear out quickly, they are easy to remove, thus they damage the technical solutions' aesthetics and threaten the bike's patent protection. One of Stringbike's design engineers along with a company selling laser machines made the necessary test engravings. They developed the steps of the technology together and the custom fixing tool. Then the manufacturer of Stringdrive - parts of Stringbike - was directed to Folprint Laser Engraving in order to fulfil the engraving tasks.

Folprint Laser Engraving’s Solution:

Based on the information and the specific tools received from Stringbike, Folprint experts designed the ideal way of the marking of parts. We placed the brand marking and the orientation arrow on the rear hub with a laser machine equipped with a rotary system. For the marking of the flat surfaces, such as the winch, we used a flatbed laser. The durable and demanding brand marking of high-value, special bikes can be quickly made thanks to laser technology. Patent protection via laser engraved brand marking became a very important factor as it is difficult to replicate but can be easily distinguished from any ink or sticker imitations. Thus, now laser marked branding, proving the origin of a part or a product, became part of brand communication

Such laser engraved quality captures enhance the prestige of products, and show durability and reliability.

  • Industry: Vehicle production
  • Application:Laser brand marking of parts
  • MaterialAluminium (painted and plain)
  • Marking time:~ 4 sec. / emblem
  • Laser Machine: Trotec 8012 SpeedMarker FL20 fiber laser, Trotec 8011 Speedy-300 CO2 laser + rotary attachment
  • Client's website:

Our customers say...

  • Profi és gyors ügyintézés. A tollak gravírozásának tervezésében is segítséget nyújtottak. Másnak is Örömmel ajánlom a csapatot. Ha lézergravírozás akkor Folprint
    Kungl Zsolt,
  • Gyors, pontos, precíz partner. Nagyon jó velük dolgozni.
    Peli Viktoria, Kaefer
  • Megbízhatóan, gyorsan, kedvező áron dolgoznak. Ajánlom mindenkinek aki gravíroztatni akar!
    Varga János, Acélipari-Sinus Kft.
  • Az adattábláinkat mindig a Folprinttel csináltatjuk, eddig nagyon meg voltunk elégedve, mindig pontosak, gyorsak, és megbízhatóak voltak. Kimondottan ajánlom mindenkinek a Folprint Lézergravírozási szolgáltatását. Mindig megbízhatóak, jó árakkal, megfelelő minőségben, precízen dolgoznak.
    Busai Barna, Platt KFt.