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Manufacturing industries

In manufacturing industries all products have to be marked with identification and information data.

Furthermore, marking of brands and tracking information supporting guarantee related claims is very important. In many cases the markings have to be placed on a small surface in a legible way, and have to be life-long. These requirements can completely fulfilled by laser engraving. We can say, that on any material numbers, letters, figures, bar codes, etc. can be laser marked.

In some cases, not the product itself is marked directly, but self-adhesive data plates, or those fixed by rivets or screws, are made of durable materials. The self-adhesive and the two-layered plates can be cut to size and shape by laser, or life-long captures can be placed on the previously cut aluminium or steel plates.

The most durable way of marking the warning labels of individual or series production machines is laser engraving: such warnings can be placed directly on the control panel or on self-adhesive or plate materials.

For valuable and sensitive instruments or tools protective foam nests can be economically made, also in low number.

Not only alphanumeric captures, but 1D and 2D bar codes, figures, emblems and even photo-quality engravings can be made with laser. The engraved data can be changed, even product by product, and their source can be an external data base or an algorithm in the own software of the laser machine.

Further similar applications can be find in our article on electronics.

With your ideas and claims do not hesitate to contact our laser engraving experts.

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